Welcome to Tango in Miami via Tango Axis!
We are Jeremias & Mariela, dancers, teachers and choreographers of Argentine Tango. Here you will find information regarding our school of Argentine Tango, milongas, shows and bookings, and other upcoming events in the South Florida Tango Community.

Media Reviews:
“…the highly virtuosic and achingly passionate dancing of Jeremías Massera and Mariela Barufaldi, indisputably the soul of the entire performance.” -Art Burst Miami

“…fancy footwork by a pair of awe-inspiring Argentinian tango experts Jeremias Massera and Mariela Barufaldi.”
-Miami New Times

“Jeremias Massera and Mariela Barufaldi display the requisite sensual physicality — now precise, now molten.”
-Washington Post

“A powerhouse, smoldering team, Jeremías and Mariela who speak through their feet.” -DC Theatre Scene

“Massera and Barufaldi… their mastery of the art was apparent from the moment they stepped out onto the stage. Their dancing embodied the sexuality and beauty of the tango…” -Edge Fort Lauderdale

“…dancers Jeremias Massera and Mariela Barufaldi embodied the harsh passion and danger as well as elegance of tango.” -South Florida Classical Review

Jeremias Massera & Mariela Barufaldi
Argentine Tango Instructors, Performers & Choreographers
(786)624-8259 or TangoAxis@hotmail.com

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